IY5512 - Computer Security

IY5512 is one of the four modules making up Core A of the Information Security MSc. The aims of the module are to introduce the security issues that computer systems must address and to describe some of the techniques for implementing security in operating systems.

Lectures took place in Bourne Lecture Theatre 1 (BLT1) on Monday afternoons (14:00 17:00) during the autumn term; the first of the eleven lectures was on 28/9/15 and the last was on 7/12/15.

The course leader is Chris Mitchell.

Teaching material

Copies of the lecture presentations for the 2015/16 academic year are provided via this web page. Please note that the handouts will be subject to minor modifications during and after delivery of the course to correct any discovered errors, remove redundancy, and/or add additional clarifications.

This course has the following associated (optional, non-assessed) coursework. Each piece of coursework is associated with one part of the course (as indicated by the number). If feedback is required on your coursework solutions, please submit them via the course page on Moodle before the deadline specified below. Worked solutions will be provided as the course progresses.

Background material

Links of potential use for this course are as follows

Further security links (including a range of links to security standards pages) are available from Chris Mitchell's home page.


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