SHAMAN Project deliverables





D02 Issue 2 Intermediate Report: Results of Review, Requirements and Reference Architecture
D03 Issue 2 Interim Report - Security Architecture for Future Mobile Terminals and Applications
D04 Issue 1 Initial report on PKI requirements for heterogeneous roaming and distributed terminals
D05 Issue 1 Intermediate report on the role of security modules in heterogeneous networks, distributed terminals and PKI
D06 Issue 1 Status report on standards bodies
D07 Issue 1 Intermediate specification of PKI for heterogeneous roaming and distributed terminals
D08 Issue 1.1 Intermediate specification of Security Modules
D09 Issue 1 Detailed specification of security for heterogeneous access
D10 Issue 1 Detailed specification of distributed mobile terminal system security
D11 Issue 2 Specification of prototypes
D12 Issue 1 Report on standards and external liaison
D13 Issue 1 Final technical report
Annex 1 - Workpackage 1 - Network security: global roaming and heterogeneous access
Annex 2 - Workpackage 2 - Security for distributed terminals
Annex 3 - Workpackage 3 - Public Key Issues
Annex 4 - Workpackage 4 - Security Module
D14   Exploitation plan
D15   Evaluation report

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Other publications and presentations

Technological Implementation Plan

SHAMAN Workshop, Royal Holloway University of London, 25-AUG-2002
Securing access to mobile networks beyond 3G
The personal CA – PKI for a Personal Area Network
Concertation #3 Presentation
Online Payment for Access to Heterogeneous Mobile Networks
Trust model, communication and configuration security for Personal Area Networks
Concertation #2 - Presentation of initial results
Securing Network Access in post-3G Mobile Systems
CeBIT 2003 demonstration leaflet